Nordic – Russian Seminar, Anker Hotel in Olso + on-line

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12/11/2021 - 14/11/2021
13:00 - 14:00

Anker Hotel


The seminar will include two open meetings and three workshops on specific issues related to peace building, security and nuclear disarmament:

  • Open meeting 12.11: Challenges regarding safe storing of nuclear waste
  • Workshop 12.11: Peace strategies: Rethinking security and peace strategies
  • Workshop 13.11: Towards demilitarization of the Baltic Sea
  • Workshop 13.11: Specific challenges regarding the Arctic
  • Open meeting 14.11: How could the Nordic Network work for peace?


The seminar will also discuss the a possible Nordic Peace Network – and develop a final statement on a common vision for peace in Northern Europe.

Nordic-Russian seminar program

The deadline for registration is October 10. Please use the registration form below and send the form to Liss Schanke, WILPF Norway:

Nordic-Russian seminar invitation

50 Euro + hotel cost and travel expenses.

Reserve your room directly to the hotel with code IKFF. Information about prices see the link above: Nordic-Russian invitation.

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