Nordic – Russian Seminar, Anker Hotel in Olso + online

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12/11/2021 - 14/11/2021
13:00 - 14:00

Anker Hotel


The seminar will include two open meetings and three workshops on specific issues related to peace building, security and nuclear disarmament:

  • Open meeting 12.11: Challenges regarding safe storing of nuclear waste
  • Workshop 12.11: Peace strategies: Rethinking security and peace strategies
  • Workshop 13.11: Towards demilitarization of the Baltic Sea
  • Workshop 13.11: Specific challenges regarding the Arctic
  • Open meeting 14.11: How can the Nordic countries and Russia promote peace?


The seminar will also discuss the a possible Nordic Peace Network – and develop a final statement on a common vision for peace in Northern Europe.

seminar program

The deadline for registration to the seminar in Oslo (physical participation) is passed but we welcome digital participants. Please send your name and organization by email to Penny Heymans, and Tim-Dominik Liebenhoff,

Digital participants will receive the digital link and other information before the seminar, as well as the final seminar report after the seminar.

Nordic-Russian seminar invitation

50 Euro + hotel cost and travel expenses.

Reserve your room directly to the hotel with code IKFF. Information about prices see the link above: Nordic-Russian invitation.

Alternative on-line