Online IPB 365 Days of War in Ukraine: Prospects Towards Peace in 2023

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On the first anniversary of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Let’s Show that there are Peaceful Alternatives to War. February 24, 2023 marks the 1-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine. The war has already cost more than two hundred thousand lives – by conservative estimates – forced millions to flee their homes, caused widespread destruction of Ukrainian cities, and strained already fragile supply chains that have made life more difficult for people the world over. The Russian government’s nuclear threats have also raised fears about the potential for escalation to nuclear war.
The International Peace Bureau (IPB) is calling on its members worldwide to take action February 24 – 26, 2023 in support of peace in Ukraine. Read IPB’s Call to Action.
IPB, in cooperation with the Peace in Ukraine Coalition (USA), Le Mouvement de la Paix (France), the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND, UK) and Transform! Europe will hold an international webinar on February 24 at 7:00 am EST, “365 Days of War in Ukraine: Prospects Towards Peace in 2023.” The webinar will bring together different voices from different countries to discuss a lasting peace in Ukraine and the way towards it. Introductory words will be given by Michael von der Schulenburg, a former UN/OSCE diplomat, who recently participated in the development of the Vatican peace plan. Afterwards both Ukrainian and Russian activists will share their perspectives on the ongoing situation. A roundtable discussion by different peace activists on a lasting ceasefire and negotiations will close the webinar. Register here. (If it’s too early for you, register so can receive a link to the recording and watch it later.)
The Peace in Ukraine Coalition is calling on groups in the United States to organize local actions at Congressional offices, marches on the media, or street vigils on February 24 to say No to War in Ukraine; Yes to Negotiations and Peace. Find an event here or log on to host your own.
The Defuse Nuclear War Coalition has issued a Call for Diplomacy on February 24, with nationwide actions to publicly insist that the U.S. government lead with diplomacy instead of militarism and weaponry. Feb. 24 is a Friday, a week that the House and Senate are not in session – so this is a good opportunity to bring public pressure on members of Congress while they are presumably in their home area. Sign up to find an event near you or organize your own. As constituents, you might want to:
  • Picket at Congress member’s local office
  • Demonstrate in a public place with high visibility
  • Flyer / collect petition signatures for local Congressperson in a busy area or park
  • Schedule a meeting with your Representative at their home office
  • Protest at TV/newspaper offices
  • Create your online action and petition using DIYrootsaction
Want to learn more about the complexities of the Ukraine war? United for Peace & Justice maintains a frequently updated Ukraine resources page, which offers an extensive selection of Ukraine resources from a variety of organizations and perspectives, including those in Russia, Ukraine and Europe.
In Peace and Solidarity,
The UFPJ Coordinating Committee