Webinar Susi Snyder: How is my money connected to nuclear weapon companies…?

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12:00 - 12:45



Some people say that individuals cannot change the nuclear weapons companies. But that’s not true. Banks and pension funds divested from nuclear weapons due to pressure from civil society and individuals, but what e ect does this have on the companies and on the production of nuclear weapons?

Welcome to a digital conversation between Susi Snyder, Don’t Bank on the Bomb coordinator and Josefin Lind, Secretary General at Swedish Physicians against Nuclear Weapons about divestment and nuclear weapons.

When: Monday 14 June Time: 12.00 – 12.45
Where: Zoom and Facebook

Registration to Zoom: https://forms.gle/q7zuQm8iZjwVWfYg8  The webinar will be in English.
Contact: Clara Gullman Levin, clara.levin@slmk.org

Inbjudan How is my money connected to nuclear weapon companies

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